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Everything you thought you knew about Maestra...You don't. Judith Rashleigh returns in the stunning new thriller from the author of the worldwide # 1 bestseller, Maestra.

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Bone Box

The gripping new crime novel in the Peter Decker and Rina Lazarus series from New York Times bestselling author Faye Kellerman. On a crisp September morning, Rina Decker stumbles upon human remains once buried deep beneath the forest grounds.

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Review: A pulse-racing thriller by Chris Pavone

From: New York Times

There are two kinds of spy-hopping in “The Travelers,” Chris Pavone’s third and most furiously peripatetic novel. The first is what an inquisitive whale does when it shoots its head above water. The second is what this espionage novel does when it jumps from Paris to London; the Gulf of Maine to Husavik, Iceland, in the space of three pages; then back to Paris, Husavik and New York City shortly thereafter. Mr. Pavone keeps his readers’ heads spinning and his main character, the travel writer Will Rhodes, on the run.

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Review: The latest Charlie Parker thriller ‘A Time of Torment’ by John Connolly

From: The Irish Times

Jerome Burnel is an unhappily married everyman carrying $120,000 in diamonds for the jewellery stores he manages and a gun he doesn’t entirely trust himself to use. Happening on a pair of savage murderers and rapists in a gas station heist, Burnel kills them, saving three lives and transforming himself into an accidental hero, lauded by the police and feted in the street by strangers.

When a girl is found tethered to a ring in the miscreants’ van, she directs them to a house where five further bodies are discovered.

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