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Damaged by Martina Cole

Financial Times, Barry Forshaw

DCI Kate Burrows comes out of retirement to help hunt down a serial killer

DCI Kate Burrows, although retired, is enlisted to help hunt down a serial killer. Kate’s relations with former gangster Patrick Kelly are soon thrown off-balance when a young man appears (with his untrustworthy wife) claiming to be Patrick’s son. Kate is faced with two problems — one of them having a notably higher body count.

Cole has enjoyed massive sales for her gritty fiction, creating a new genre: the tough East End crime novel with a single-minded (if damaged) woman at the centre, usually sexually involved with dangerous (but attractive) villains. Her copper protagonist Kate has the same DNA as her lawbreaking women, and it is Cole’s ear for everyday speech (as much as her in-your-face, unvarnished storytelling) that grants her books such impact.


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