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Daily Mail, Sarah Oliver

Murder most foul... Lynda La Plante blasts ITV's new version of her creation, Jane Tennison

Pulling no punches hard-hitting crime writer Lynda La Plante reveals her fury over the recent TV treatment of her Prime Suspect prequel... where a series of explosive rows led to her being barred from the set 

Lynda La Plante’s new book, Good Friday, is about a big bomb going off in London. It’s pretty tame compared to the small thermo-nuclear device she’s just placed under ITV’s woeful adaptation of Tennison, her gripping prequel to the global phenomenon that is Prime Suspect.

It was, she says, the most painful experience of her professional life. Her scripts were rewritten, her chosen actors dismissed at audition. Production staff ganged up on her. There were stand-up rows. She was barred, in writing, from the set.


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